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The samples below illustrate three different levels of digital photo retouching work and the associated pricing. This is a rough guideline, some images may fall outside the scope of work done here and would be priced accordingly. If you are not sure what it will take to achieve your desired results, simply share your goals with us and we’ll provide a free estimate. Look at our gallery of samples and imagine the possibilities for your own photo with retouching from Streibwerks.

Digital photo retouching example

Basic Retouching $29

Digital photo retouching example

Typical Retouching $49

Advanced Retouching $99
This service might typically include but is not limited to blemish removal, stray hair removal, teeth and eye whitening, and color correction. This service might include everything in the basic touch-up in addition to removal of facial shine, teeth adjustments, under eye bag or dark circle removal, minor clothing adjustments. This service might address such issues as an anti-aging skin retouch, slenderizing, eyeglass lens reflection and refraction removal, object removal (distracting objects in background/jewelry etc.)